Friday, October 28, 2005

Lost...and sort of found

I was trying to send a link of my review of The Devil's Rejects to Lion's Gate and, somehow, it has disappeared. So I'm posting some brief notes that I made on some message boards.


So, in many ways, The Devil's Rejects is the film that QuentinTarantino originally intended Kill Bill to be: a true grindhouse retromish-mash. Less slick and far more streamlined than Tarantino's(admittedly great) film, TDR is an astonishing, eye-opening work.Zombie has given us the most audaciously gruesome work of mainstreamAmerican cinema since Stone's Natural Born Killers.

The Devil's Rejects (even better than Natural Born Killers) manages to be both nostalgic and visionary. I'm known to laythe hyperbole on a bit thick sometimes, true. But I've not been thisinvigorated by American cinema since Van Sant's Gerry. And, although Ithink that film is probably, ultimately, a better one, I can't helpbut feel like The Devil's Rejects is a landmark movie, our generation's Bonnie & Clyde.


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