Thursday, October 27, 2005

Horror in the palm of your hand...some capsules

Up until a few days ago, my Sony PSP was pretty much just the thing I play Hot Shots Golf and MLB Baseball 2006 on. Thanks to the folks at Anchor Bay, I now have a handful of terrific horror titles to watch in the wee hours of the night.

Hellraiser - Cliver Barker's kinky, bloody chamber piece has always been one of my favorite horror films. A mixture of comedy, drama and high Grand Guignol theatre, Hellraiser is bent and beautiful, mysterious and macabre.

Evil Dead - Before chronicling the adventures of everyone's favorite webslinger, director Sam Raimi delivered this nasty little beaut, his breakthrough film about a group of friends besieged by an evil force in a cabin in the woods. Later followed by a sequel/remake, Evil Dead II and a third film, Army of Darkness.

Halloween - The ultimate in moodmaking horror. John Carpenter's masterpiece is a supreme study in terror, both subtle and outlandish. Michael Myers is a horrifying embodiment of quiet, murderous normality. A brilliant film.

Children of the Corn - An extremely underrated film. While certainly lacking in the panache and craftsmanship of other films from the same era, Children of the Corn nevertheless manages to capture a kind of Stepford Wives/Village of the Damned creepy fascist vibe. There are few things more frightening than murderous children.

I also received Dead and Breakfast, but I'll be reviewing that film separately via DVD in an upcoming post.


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