Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two genre releases from BVHE

Hellraiser: Deader - Actually, the latest entry in the Hellraiser saga (of which I've only liked the first two) is a vast improvement over the last hundred or so. Though none of the subsequent films have captured the sexual potency of the first film or the fantastic allegory of the second, Deader returns, at least in spirit, to the more organic tones of the earlier installments. Which is funny because it seems this was originally intended as a STV standalone horror film called Deaders, which ultimately had some Hellraiser writing injected into it and voila! Hellraiser 7. A solid, if underwhelming, genre effort. Grade B-

The Prophecy: Uprising - On the other hand, not much to write home about here. It has very little, if anything, to do with the other Prophecy films. And, Christopher Walken is nowhere to be found, which seems like a Hellraiser film without Pinhead. The plot has something to do with an ancient book called the Lexicon. The whole thing is convoluted and contrived, essentially another Dimension cashing in project. Grade: D-


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